Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week 2018

Teacher Appreciation Week 2018


The current year’s Teacher Appreciation Week topic is “Teachers Deliver.” And they do! Instructors convey such a great amount to our understudies—motivation, inspiration and, at last, their fates. From May 8(Tuesday)-12(Saturday), 2018, we might want to praise educators and convey our thanks and appreciation to them.

Instructors change the lives of a great many kids each day, and their work and effect stretches out a long ways past the limits of the classroom. Go along with us amid PTA Teacher Appreciation Week to #ThankATeacher for all that they convey to our country’s kids.

Teacher Appreciation Week

How You Can #ThankATeacher


Set aside the opportunity to demonstrate your thankfulness this week. To enable you to thank the instructors in your lives for conveying so much, we’ve made a Promotional Event Toolkit with test online networking informing, pictures to use on Facebook and Twitter, print shading fliers, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Here are a couple of more ways you can get included:

  • Have your youngster sign and present our instant notes to say thanks to their educators!
  • Have your school foremost, PTA/PTSA President or understudy sign and present our instant thankfulness endorsements to the educators throughout your life.
  • Offer photographs and your exercises amid the week by utilizing the hashtag #ThankATeacher via web-based networking media!
  • On Thursday, transfer a #TBT of you and your most loved instructor and express gratitude toward them utilizing the authority hashtag #ThankATeacher.

Teacher Appreciation Week


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About Teacher Appreciation Week

Since 1984, National PTA has assigned one week in May as an exceptional time to respect the men and ladies who loan their energy and aptitudes to teaching our youngsters.

PTA occasions at the national, state and nearby levels commend the extraordinary commitments instructors make. We are likewise glad to perceive instructors and heads with honors and gives.

National PTA additionally serves on the determination advisory groups for the National Teacher of the Year Program.

Teacher Appreciation Week

What is Teacher Appreciation Week?


Educator Appreciation Week, or National Teacher Appreciation Week, is seven days in length festivity in acknowledgment of instructors and the commitments they make to training and society. It is held in the main entire seven day stretch of May of consistently and gives a chance to understudies, their folks, and school principals to demonstrate their thankfulness for the diligent work instructors do and the extended periods a considerable lot of them put in. Numerous teachers get thank you endowments and notes of appreciation from their understudies amid this week, and schools sort out occasions and festivities to check the event.

The Tuesday in Teacher Appreciation Week is assigned as Teacher Appreciation Day.

World Teachers’ Day is a different event, praised each year on October 5 in nations around the globe.

Teacher Appreciation Week

When is Teacher Appreciation Week 2019?


Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 starts on Sunday, May 5, 2019 and ends on Saturday, May 11th 2019

Teacher Appreciation Week


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Teacher Appreciation Week Activity Ideas


How might you express thankfulness for an instructor who has taught and motivated your kid? Here the National PTA offers thoughts for guardians, understudies, and schools to state an important “much obliged.”


Public tributes


Host a unique breakfast or lunch for your teachers and staff. On the off chance that space permits, welcome guardians, school board individuals, the locale administrator, region work force, and noticeable group pioneers to go along with you at the occasion in indicating gratefulness for educators.

Make a mammoth instructor note to say thanks for show in the school group. Place markers by the card so group individuals can include their expressions of much appreciated.

Begin an “instructor highlight” on a school or library notice board. Every week or month, profile an alternate instructor. Incorporate statements by and about the instructor, and also the educator’s photo, foundation, leisure activities, and reasoning of training. On the other hand, utilize the school or PTA bulletin to distribute interviews with instructors and stories about educators’ achievements. Consider having understudies direct the meetings and compose the stories. Distribute stories consistently.

  • Plant trees or blooms openly zones or on school grounds out of appreciation for educators.
  • Ask every educator what his or her most loved book is and purchase a duplicate for or have a duplicate gave to the school library. Incorporate into each book a bookplate with the name of the instructor who picked the book.
  • Introduce testaments of thankfulness to all instructors, and additionally to substitute educators, associates, and other care staff.
  • Take out a promotion in the neighborhood daily paper to thank the educators in your school or area.

Teacher Appreciation Week


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Expressions of gratitude


Put blossoms, tidbits, and gourmet espressos teas in the instructors’ parlor amid Teacher Appreciation Week. Place little blessings in each staff individual’s letter box. (For blessing thoughts, visit the PTA Store.)


Request that educators round out a study with respect to their most loved books, hues, blossoms, eateries, bistros, and so on. Utilize that information when giving endowments. For instance, give every educator his or her most loved book, marked by every one of his or her understudies; give every instructor a little bunch of his or her most loved blossom.

  • Give the educators’ parlor a makeover-purchase new furniture, reupholster old furniture, or give the dividers another layer of paint.
  • Contract a back rub advisor to give 15-minute head, neck, shoulder, hand, or foot back rubs to the instructors and staff in the educators’ parlor.
  • Facilitate an auto wash and welcome the school staff and educators to get their vehicles washed for nothing
  • Build up a reserve to empower educators to participate in addresses and workshops at nearby universities or to go to unique trainings or gatherings.
  • Have the understudies in each class make their own blurbs expressing gratitude toward their educator. Take a photo of every understudy holding his or her sign. At that point, set up together little photograph collections of the thank-you messages for the instructors.
  • Give instructors the endowment of time. Utilize PTA Three for Me to sort out volunteers to assist in classrooms consistently.

Teacher Appreciation Week


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School spirit


Have understudies vote in favor of a Teacher Appreciation Week Teacher of the Week. Gather votes all through Teacher Appreciation Week and present the respect at a far reaching rally at week’s end.

Request that every educator finish the expression, “On the off chance that I had just a single wish, it would be… ” Provide substantial sheets of paper and have each class or little gathering of understudies outline its instructor’s desire. Show the works of art and illustrations in the school.

Work with gatherings of understudies to compose, direct, and carry on productions that depict “an ordinary average day for an educator” or “what our day would resemble without Ms. or on the other hand Mr.” Present the plays in a classroom program or at a broad get together went to by understudies, guardians, and other group individuals. There are certain to be some unique, amusing, and charming scenes.

Ensure understudies serve on the arranging panel for your Teacher Appreciation Week energy rally, gathering, or different occasions. Energize the interest of school clubs and gatherings.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Thanks from parents


Advise guardians to set aside opportunity to compose individual cards to say thanks to their kids’ educators. Additionally urge guardians to express profound gratitude whenever they converse with their youngsters’ educators, or to send a speedy email offering their thanks.

  • Offer guardians thoughts for little tokens of gratefulness, for example, apples, bookmarks, natively constructed treats or specialties, “World’s Greatest Teacher” mugs, or café gift vouchers, to provide for educators toward the start of Teacher Appreciation Week or every day of the week.
  • Recommend that guardians contribute classroom materials, for example, paper, stickers, chalk, stamps, ink cushions, or books, rather than offering knickknacks to their youngsters’ educators. Instructors additionally acknowledge blessing endorsements that assistance them buy the little additional items required in their classrooms.
  • Have guardians drop by for a straightforward espresso gathering for instructors.
  • Select parent volunteers to oversee classes so instructors can go to the uncommon occasions arranged in their respect.
  • Urge guardians to utilize Teacher Appreciation Week as a starting point for creating more grounded organizations with educators. Articulations of gratefulness can fabricate common regard and open the way to better correspondence about desires, understudy execution, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Teacher Appreciation Week


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Straight from the students’ mouths


  • Ensure educators hear the estimation of their work from the understudies themselves. Have understudies share thank-you messages with instructors at various times through notes, work of art, recordings, stories, or different means.
  • Welcome understudies to help enrich for Teacher Appreciation Week. Furnish them with a long bit of butcher paper and a pack of markers and have them plan tablecloths for your instructor thankfulness breakfast or lunch meeting. Request that they make publications and flags to hang in the school.
  • Sort out understudy challenges that will enable children to become more acquainted with their instructors better. Post educators’ infant pictures and have understudies figure whose photos they are. Set up together a rundown of fascinating realities about your instructors and have understudies coordinate the educator to the reality. Honor prizes to the understudies who get the most right, and to the educators who stump the most understudies.
  • Meeting understudies about their educators. Ask both genuine and clever inquiries: “What do you acknowledge most about your instructor?” “What that your educator has said has extremely stayed with you?” “If your instructor were a toon character, who might he or she be? Why?” Share the appropriate responses at an instructor lunch get-together or other occasion.
  • Have understudies record open administration declarations for neighborhood radio stations to play.
  • Welcome graduated class understudies and their folks to go to an open house at the school. Educators love to perceive how their past understudies are getting along and hear how they had any kind of effect.
  • Work with understudies to build up a rundown of five pleasant things they can improve the situation their educators. Have every understudy promise to complete one thing every day amid Teacher Appreciation Week. Make certain to enable understudies to recognize sensible things they can do.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Community support


Make an occasion page on Facebook to get the message out about your Teacher Appreciation Week exercises. Join the Thank-A-Teacher Facebook gathering to impart thoughts and photographs to groups the nation over, and urge your group to join this discussion for offering their thanks to instructors.

  • Ask nearby organizations to each receive an educator for the week and show understudies’ illustrations, cards, and stories about that instructor in a store window.
  • Have people group focuses, organizations, and families hang signs and flags that express appreciation to educators. Place extra thank-you messages on group and school marquees.
  • Join forces with nearby eateries, bistros, and stores for a “free thing for instructors” day amid Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Request of the nearby district to issue a unique declaration respecting instructors and proclaiming the primary entire week in May PTA Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Circulate stick on catches that say “Dear Teacher: Thank You!”
  • Place freebees at neighborhood organizations to remind everybody to thank an instructor.


Teacher, piano educator, karate instructor or Sunday teacher… educators come in all shapes and assortments yet have no less than one thing in like manner, they’ve all set aside the opportunity to enable us to learn and develop! I figure we as a whole can consider one instructor who had a positive effect in our lives. Commend all the magnificent instructors throughout your life amid Teacher Appreciation Week this year. We figured now would be an incredible time to give you some fun and inventive thoughts on how you could demonstrate your appreciation. Here’s a fun rundown of ways you can state “Thank you!” to the educators that have had an effect in your kid’s life.

Teacher Appreciation Week


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Our Favorite Superheroes


  • Embellish a release board with customized superpowers, for example, “Mrs. Smith’s superpower is getting kids amped up for perusing!”
  • Put a water jug or two with a hero mark on every educator’s work area.
  • Offer an assortment of “saint” sandwiches for lunch. Obtain a few children’s activity figure toys to use for centerpieces.
  • Make T-shirts or capes for every educator with a “super instructor” press on plan.
  • Give every educator a bring home endorsement with their superpower on it.


A Little Pampering


  • Stock the staff restrooms with delicate bathroom tissue, decent cleanser, and rich hand salve.
  • Put out small scones and biscuits in a bin in the educators relax.
  • Set up a tea and café.
  • Offer gourmet finger sandwiches and smaller than usual quiches for lunch one day (have bounty so instructors can top off!)
  • Give smaller than usual back rubs in the instructors relax.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Our Teachers Are Stars


  • Mastermind a praise parade in the foyers as instructors stroll to their classrooms.
  • Give out little packs of Starburst confection with a label that says “You’re the star of our school!”
  • Convey fan mail (notes from understudies that begin with “My instructor is a star because…”) to educators amid class.
  • Reveal a celebrity central Walk of Fame for a VIP lunch in the staff relax; adorn the cover with stars demonstrating every instructor’s name.
  • Give every educator a customized “You Set the Stage for Success” authentication; utilize classifications like “Most Encouraging” and “Best Team Player,” or draw from understudies’ fan mail remarks.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Public Displays of Affection


  • Embellish classroom entryways with articulations of affection for that room’s educator.
  • Embellish a notice board with “I adore my instructor because…” notes.
  • Request that guardians contribute instructor yell outs for morning declarations.
  • Draw and compose chalk messages on the walkways outside the school.
  • Give every instructor a bring home signature book with their “I cherish my educator because…” notes inside (print on self-glue names and stick one to each page in the wake of removing from off the notice board).


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